Peter's Story

Peter encourages everyone with hearing loss to get a cochlear implant.

Born in a small town in New Zealand, Peter Daniels has had a hearing aid for nine years, and got a cochlear implant in 2012. Peter says, “my cochlear implant has improved my life immensely, I believe everyone that is going deaf should have one”. 


Following his surgery, Peter was upset when he returned to find his iwi in his town having much the same problems that he had. Many of his whanau were deaf or going deaf. Peter was worried about their safety and decided to korero (talk) with them, but he was not happy with the responses he got. Peter believes because there are many large families, they tend to rely on other people within the family, rather than fixing their hearing issues for themselves. Peter believes this is a dangerous outlook to have as “It’s your part to get out there”.

Fixing hearing issues is also a very important safety issue for Peter. He recalls before 

his implant operation worrying as he realised if the fire alarms went off at night, he would have no way of knowing as his hearing aid and cochlear implant are off at night, recharging the batteries.


Peter had a korero with the local fire brigade and was happy to be given a vibrating buzzer that he keeps under his pillow. This device will wake him up when smoke is detected. Peter now feels safer and can sleep well knowing he would be woken if there is an emergency.

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