This is Danielle Cooper. Danielle was born with a severe hearing loss and was fitted with hearing aids when she was just 7 months old. Danielle progressed well in school and although it seemed her hearing aids were providing sufficient support for her hearing loss, it became apparent after audiology testing that Danielle's hearing loss had become so profound that she required cochlear implants. Click on the video to watch her listen to sounds again. 

Your support through Loud Shirt Day will help other like Danielle receive support they require so that they are not stuck in a silent world. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Loud Shirt Day?

Loud Shirt Day is the annual fundraising campaign of  The Hearing House (THH) and the  Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP), the only two charities in New Zealand dedicated to enabling children, young people and adults with hearing loss to listen and speak like their hearing peers.

Incredible Kiwis like you across Aotearoa come together to raise vital funds for young people and adults who experience hearing loss.

Your support will help give them access to support and the gift of sound and speech.

Loud Shirt day is a great excuse to get LOUD, wear your brightest clothes and raise money to help give the gift of sound and speech to children, young people and adults with hearing loss. Whether you wear fancy stripes, florals and polka dots or paisley, as long as your clothes have colour and pizzazz, it will be perfect for Loud Shirt Day.

We’re inviting you to join us for a fabulously fun day with your friends, your workmates or your schoolmates.

COVID-19 has changed and impacted our lives significantly. With these changes, you may not be able to hold a physical event. So what? You could always hold a virtual movie night or virtual game night on Zoom or Houseparty.

You can check our resources tab for more virtual ideas inspiration

When is Loud Shirt Day?

Friday, 23 October 2020

Do I have to hold my Loud Shirt Day event on Friday, 23 October?

The official date of Loud Shirt Day is Friday 23 October. Can’t do that date? No problem!

Often schools and workplaces have got something else on during Loud Shirt Day, so they hold it on another day. We don't mind when you have it but do let us know if you're having it earlier so we can be there to support you.

What impact will my fundraising have?

Money you raise for Loud Shirt Day goes to THH & SCIP to support children, young people and adults across three centres throughout the country.

THH based in Auckland, provides services to families living north of Lake Taupo and SCIP, based in Christchurch and Wellington, provides services to families in the rest of the country.

Our current programs and services include audiology, listening and spoken language therapy, in our offices as well as via outreach programmes for regional and remote families. Both organisations are also committed to clinical research and professional development.

Your support will help THH and SCIP give people with hearing loss throughout the country access to sound and speech.

Our aim is to support all people living with hearing loss to hear, listen and speak so they can lead their best life. THH and SCIP combine state-of the-art hearing technology with specialised listening and spoken language therapy.

What is a cochlear implant?

Hearing aids work for people with a moderate hearing loss by amplifying the sounds that they hear.

But hearing aids cannot enable those with profound hearing loss to hear and speak, so cochlear implants were developed. Unlike hearing aids, which make sound louder, a cochlear implant works by imitating the function of the inner ear so those who are profoundly deaf or lose their hearing through illness or accident can hear.

It was initially thought that cochlear implant recipients would develop spoken language like hearing children. However, it was soon found that additional support is required to learn how to listen with their cochlear implant and understand spoken language.

Thanks to cochlear implants and therapy, children and adults with hearing loss can overcome their disability and develop clear, natural sounding spoken language, enabling those who have been through these programmes are also able to do the normal things that you and I take for granted – such as talking on a cell phone, listening, participating in sport and participating in social activities.

Why do we need you to fundraise for us?

THH and SCIP are presently Government funded to deliver services to all children and only 40 adults per year who fit the criteria for a cochlear implant. We need funds to deliver our services to the many kiwis who fall outside the current government criteria.

THH & SCIP need help to ensure we have the finances to look after our patients over their lifetime. Our patients are patients for life!

The Government funds only 40 adults per year, however, we currently have over 200 adults on the waiting list. As this list is added to each year, most of those people waiting will never receive a life changing cochlear implant unless more funds become available.

To learn more about the children, young people and adults that your LOUD fundraising is supporting, click here

How to get LOUD?

How to Get Loud!

REGISTER ONLINE: You’ll be emailed a free fundraising pack containing all the information you need*.

SET A DATE: Choose a date in to host your Loud Shirt Day. The official date for Loud Shirt Day 2020 is Friday 23 October but you are welcome to choose another date that best suits you.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: Invite your friends, family or colleagues to attend your Loud Shirt Day. Put up posters and send an email to everyone you know to invite them to join you. Don’t forget to use Facebook and Instagram to spread the word! Download Loud Shirt Day posters here {link}.

GET LOUD: This is where you get to go wild. Get creative! Show off your best loud outfits. To get your creative juices started you’ll receive a fundraising guide with lots of fun and crazy ideas. The resources are also available on our website.

*We take sustainability seriously, that's why this year your pack will be sent via email.

BANK YOUR FUNDS: Collect the donations from your event. Be sure to keep a record of how much money you have raised. Afterwards follow the banking instructions in your information pack to make sure the money you’ve raised is added to your fundraising total. If your friends can’t make it, ask them to sponsor your Loud Shirt Day through your online fundraising page.

Do we have to register for Loud Shirt Day?

Yes please! We encourage everyone to register online, not only to receive your free LOUD fundraising pack, but to join our online community with other LOUD fundraisers to share tips and tricks to get LOUD!

When will I receive my LOUD fundraising pack?

You will receive your Loud Shirt Day fundraising pack via email within 3 days of registering. But if you have not received yours, please contact your local Loud Shirt Day team on

What if I need more information or help with my LOUD fundraising?

If you need help or more information or just want to share your LOUD story, please contact your local Loud Shirt Day team at:

The Hearing House (THH):

Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP):

What do I do with the money I have raised from an event?

When you register, you will get your very own fundraising page so your friends, family and workmates can donate online. If you hold a fundraising event, please let us know when you have banked the money and we will get it uploaded to your fundraising page.

Check out our donation page for more details.

How else can I help?

Share your story! We’d love you to help us spread the word; why you’re supporting Loud Shirt Day, how much fun you’re having and encourage others to register and get involved

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Share your LOUD stories and photos.


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