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Josh's story

Life would be very different for clinical physiologist and gym owner Josh, if not for his cochlear implant.

“The Hearing House has provided me with the ability to hear and speak.” Josh Foreman (29) is a clinical exercise physiologist, gym owner, youth mentor, and Auckland University lecturer. He is also profoundly deaf and wears a cochlear implant to hear. Josh received his cochlear implant when he was two years old. He was the youngest person in New Zealand at the time to be fitted with the technology.  His parents started noticing signs of hearing loss when he was one. “My dad took it upon himself to smash pots and pans together over my bed. Instead of recoiling from the noise, I continued sleeping,” says Josh. The cochlear implant has opened up new opportunities. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, and also mentors teenagers with hearing loss.  "my cochlear implants have allowed me to integrate and be a part of mainstream society, and if I had not had them, then my life would have been very different." “Some of the defining moments have been realising that I can use a digital stethoscope for work, listening to music, and moving through the different models of cochlear implants. My latest one has got Bluetooth technology, which is amazing,” says Josh. Bluetooth connectivity enables the cochlear implant to be turned into a wireless headset, so users can take hands-free phone calls and stream audio. Josh is thankful for the audiology support he received from The Hearing House. “The Hearing House has provided me with the ability to hear and speak. Everyone has been amazing, and they always made sure I had all the help, support, and equipment when I needed it. I am very grateful for that.”

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