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Lachie Bartlett in the news

Check out this beautiful story from the Natural parent Magazine about Lachie, who was given the gift of sound with Cochlear Implants

Lachie’s hearing loss was diagnosed at 18 months, and he lost his hearing completely when he was eight. He underwent surgery for a cochlear implant soon after. Lachie recalls the moment his implant was switched on for the first time: 

“I can confidently say that the switching on of my cochlear implant, although over 14 years ago, is the most memorable and significant moment of my life. I was in the switch on room with audiologist Neil Heslop. My family were behind the one-way mirror that looked into the room. The switch on creates such intense, immediate exposure to a sense that I had never fully used in my life. I remember Mama saying ‘Hi Lachie’ from the other side of the glass. I smiled immediately. The next sound I heard was the tears of my nana and Mama.”

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